I went for a walk around Kuopio, and had my camera with me. Got a bunch of pictures, a milkshake, and really achy feet.

dsc01955_small.jpg dsc01956_small.jpg dsc01957_small.jpg dsc01958_small.jpg
dsc01959_small.jpg dsc01960_small.jpg dsc01961_small.jpg dsc01962_small.jpg
dsc01963_small.jpg dsc01964_small.jpg dsc01965_small.jpg dsc01966_small.jpg
dsc01967_small.jpg dsc01968_small.jpg dsc01969_small.jpg dsc01970_small.jpg
dsc01971_small.jpg dsc01972_small.jpg dsc01973_small.jpg dsc01974_small.jpg
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